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We’re excited to share some details about the new features you can see on Side by Side from today.

The News Page

That’s where you are right now! Welcome to the new News page, where you will find updates about Side by Side, opportunities to get involved with activities across Mind, and more.

We created this feature because we heard your feedback about pinned posts not always being the right place for some types of updates for various reasons.This means pinned posts can be a space that’s kept for more meaningful conversations and wellbeing activities.

Multiple photos

We love seeing your photos so much, we want to see more of them! You will now be able to select multiple photos which will display in a grid. You can select an individual photo from the grid to see it larger on your screen.

Snooze timescales

You now have different time options, so it can either be permanent or a shorter break, whatever you need. You will have the option to choose the length of time you want to snooze someone when you activate the snooze, and they will automatically un-snooze after the timeframe you have selected. There is also still the ability to un-snooze manually from your settings page at any time.

Editing Posts and Comments

Here by high demand, you can now edit your posts and comments! Safety is a priority for us, so please be aware that any edits will be visible to moderators to make sure they are still within guidelines.

Friends List Filter

Since the launch of Side by Side, we have had countless requests to create a “my feed” feature where members can keep track of people they have connected with and to see their posts more easily.

Side by Side was intentionally built without a “my feed” because it was a very permanent page that many favoured over the main feed, leading to some people being left out, and less community cohesion.

To get the best of both worlds, we have created a friends list that will act as a temporary filter. This means you can add people you want to keep up to date with to a private list that only you can see, and choose to filter the wall to see these member’s posts more easily. Once you refresh the page, you’ll see the rest of the community’s posts again, encouraging you to continue connecting with others.

Mute Notifications

This feature has been high on all our wish lists for a while now, so we are delighted to announce you can now choose to stop receiving notifications for a post you have interacted with and no longer want to get updates about.

You can do this by:

  • going to the notification bell
  • selecting a notification from the post you wish to mute
  • once the post is open, use the arrow in the top left of the post to mute

Welcome New Members

Greeting new members is something many of you have requested since our launch, and it’s finally here!  New members will be visible in a list and you can easily post to their walls using the text box within this feature. New accounts will remain visible for 24 hours after joining.

Click-through Tour

Some new members struggle to find their way around the site, so we have created a click-through tutorial for any new joiners to get to grips with Side by Side more easily.


Alongside the updates, we have released some bug fixes that should resolve some of the issues, especially around being notified of snoozed member’s activity.

If a bug you reported as not been fixed in this update, it’s not been forgotten, it’s still being investigated by our developers.

Looking to the Future…

This isn’t the end. Our ambition is to continue developing Side by Side whenever we are able to so that it can meet your needs.

We have all of your suggestions safely in a “continual enhancement” list, and we will be working with our developers to create a plan for turning some of your ideas into realities for future updates.